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Question and Answers


Information about replacing a door handle or screw on range.


Thank you for your question.

I can understand why you would like to change the screw and not the whole handle.

  • I would recommend that you replace both the screw and the handle, because if the handle has been loose for awhile it has worn out the hole in the handle for the screw.

  • Also you may have noticed that there are series numbers in the parts list description that are required for ordering the correct handle and screws for the upper or lower oven handles.

  • Depending on the series it may require different screws. The image will show the small oven door picture first page and the large oven door picture on the next page.

  • The series number is the first two numbers in the serial number on the range. 10xxxxxx 14xxxxx 16xxxx 17xxxxx. So please look at the description beside the part to make sure you are ordering the correct screw and handle.

  • With that said, you will in any event have to dismantle either door to get to the handle screw.

  • I would suggest that you remove which every door you are replacing the handle on and lay it on a flat surface with the handle and glass laying on the protected flat surface with the handle hanging of the edge of the surface.

  • The door is put together like a sandwich and you will need to be mindful of the sequence of disassemble to replace is the same order.

  • First locate the top and bottom screws on the inside of the door liner and remove.

  • Lift the inner door liner off of the front half and set aside. Locate the handle screw and remove screw and handle and replace with new parts. Make sure you tighten the screw, but not too tight to strip out the new screw in the new handle.

  • Place the liner half of the door back onto the front panel and re-install the retaining screws.

  • Re-install the door onto the range.

I hope this will help.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
October 13, 2010

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