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The broiler element on my Maytag range shorted out and now my oven doesnt work

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Alina -
February 16, 2013

Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

 The voltage supply to the bake and broil elements are controlled by the electronic oven control/clock assembly. If the surface elements will continue to operate, I would have to suspect the electronic oven control/clock assemby will need to be replaced. When an oven element shorts/burns out, it can take out the electronic oven control and I suspect this is what happened. Disconnect the power supply from the range before servicing.

The electronic control #5701M758-60 can be ordered from SearsPartsDirect as well as the broil element # W10310249.

 Control Panel removal:

1. Remove maintop assembly, see "Maintop Assembly" procedure.

2. Remove screws securing control panel heat shield.

3. Remove screws securing bottom outside edges of the control panel.

4. Pull unit out from the wall far enough to allow the

back outside screws to be loosened.

5. Loosen the back outside screws securing control

panel to backguard.

6. Grasp front lower outside edges of the control panel and push inward on the outside edges of the backguard to release the control panel front.

NOTE: Front edges of the control panel are difficult to release from backguard.

 Maintop Assembly (Smoothtop Models) removal:

1. Turn power off.

2. Open oven door and remove screws securing maintop to oven chassis, located on the outside edges of the maintop.

3. Raise the front edge of the maintop and pull forward approximately 6 inches.

4. Label and disconnect wire terminal plugs from the maintop assembly.

5. Lift maintop assembly from the oven chassis.

6. Reverse procedures to reinstall maintop assembly.

 Control Board Assembly removal:

1. Remove control panel, see “Control Panel” procedure, steps 1 through 6.

2. Remove screws securing control board bracket to control panel.

3. Label and disconnect terminal plug from control board assembly.

4. Reverse procedures to reinstall control board assembly.

 I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post. 


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Joey S -
Sears Technician
February 18, 2013
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