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Whirlpool Ultimate care II wahser not spinning


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern. If the washer will not agitate or spin but will drain water, then the likely failure is a broken motor coupler. If it will agitate then it does not have broken motor coupler. If it agitates but won't spin and only drains, it could have a basket drive failure, clutch failure or gear case failure.

In order to access and replace the motor coupler will involve removing the washer cabinet, drain pump and motor.

I added a couple of images below with the instructions.

NOTE: Disconnect the power cord from the power source before placing the console in the service position.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
January 15, 2011

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