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What is the part I need when my Whirlpool washer model LSQ7030KQ0 will not spin unless you give it a push?


This washer has no belt and if the motor coupler was broken it would agitate or spin at all.

If you can give the basket a push start and the basket starts to spin then most likely you have a problem with the clutch and/or basket drive.

The symptoms you describe point to a weak basket drive. It might spin if given a push but it usually doesn't spin with a load in the washer.

I'd recommend replacing the clutch and basket drive both for this problem. I'd suggest a technician do this repair unless you're extremely confident in your do-it-yourself abilities. You will have to remove the washer cabinet and transmission to replace these parts.

The 1st image below will show you how to remove the cabinet and gearcase and you can read through the instructions and see if this is something you'd be comfortable doing.

Your particular washer doesn't have the two screws in front holding the console. The screw you remove is on the back of the console. See the 2nd image for a picture of this.

The clutch 285785 and basket drive can both be obtained from the following link: Sears PartsDirect .

I hope this information helps you resolve this problem but if you do-it-yourself you can submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
September 26, 2009

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