Model #LGR5636KQ1 WHIRLPOOL Residential Dryer

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Why is my Whirlpool dryer not heating & the timer is stuck?


On something like this we need to know if the igniter is getting 120 volts. All of the components from the timer to the igniter have to be checked for continuity, on the L1 side & the neutral side from the door switch to the other side of the igniter. Once we make some voltage checks we will have a direction to head into. Once we find the problem of no heat then we can check the timer problem. If you have a meter & decide to attempt the repairs yourself, please get back with us on this for more specific troubleshooting tips. I have included the wiring diagram in the image provided below.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
June 25, 2009

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