Model #LEQ8000JQ1 WHIRLPOOL residential dryer

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I have whirlpool Dryer #LEQ8000JQ1. The latch that makes the dryer start is broke. It is labeled picture above as E. How do I get to it & what is it called?


I must assume when you say latch that you mean door switch. If the door stays closed and latched then the door catch and door strike is Okay. In order to access and replace the door switch the top panel must be removed. The top can be hinged open like the hood of a car.

To raise top:

  • Disconnect the power cord from the power source.
  • Pull the lint filter screen out
  • Remove the two screws which was hidden by the lint filter.
  • Use a thin putty knife to slip in between the top panel and front panel where the two meet. (See image below).
  • While pushing inwards on the clip lift that corner of the top and repeat steps for the clip on the other corner. (See image below). I do not believe you will have to remove the front panel in order to remove and replace the door switch. The door switch is part #3406107 and is available at Sears Parts Direct .

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 07, 2010

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