Model #LDE8304ACE MAYTAG Residential Dryer

  • Control Panel (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
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  • Control Panel (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
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  • Cabinet-front (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
    3 Results
  • Cabinet-front (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
    3 Results
  • Door (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
    3 Results
  • Door (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
    3 Results
  • Cabinet-rear (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
    3 Results
  • Cabinet-rear (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
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  • Tumbler (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
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  • Tumbler (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
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  • Heater (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl)
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  • Heater (lde8304acm)
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  • Gas Valve (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
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  • Gas Valve (ldg8304aam)
    3 Results
  • Motor Drive (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal)
    3 Results
  • Motor Drive (lde8304acm & Ldg8304aam) (lde8304acm) (ldg8304aam)
    3 Results
  • Wiring Information-ldg8334aa* (ldg8304aae) (ldg8304aal) (ldg8304aam)
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  • Wiring Information-lde8304ac* (lde8304ace) (lde8304acl) (lde8304acm)
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Question and Answers


Find shallow washer and dryer, comparable to old Maytag lde8304ace


Thank you for your question.

Getting the right size appliance can sometimes be a challenge.

  • I believe that your Maytag is 29 inches wide and 25 1/2 in depth. The internal size 5.7 Cubic Ft.

  • I believe that 25 1/2 is the shallowest for a standard dryer with out going to a compact model.

  • There are a number of brands and models to choose from.

  • This G.E. model seems like the closet I can get to what you are looking for.

G.E. Dryer .

  • This dryer is 27 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches deep.with 5.8 cubic feet internal drum size.

  • Check out the links below.

Remember you need to have about 5 inches behind the dryer for the vent material. You can get thinner venting material so you can get the dryer closer to the wall. Skinny duct .

I hope this will help.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
October 05, 2010

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