Model #LAT9704AAE MAYTAG Residential Washers

  • Control Panel (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Control Panel (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Top (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Top (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Cabinet (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Cabinet (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Tub (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Tub (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Transmission (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Transmission (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Base (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Base (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Clutch, Brake & Belts (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Clutch, Brake & Belts (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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  • Wiring Information (lat9704aae) (lat9704aal) (lat9704abe) (lat9704abl)
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  • Wiring Information (lat9704aam & Abm) (lat9704aam) (lat9704abm)
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I have a Maytag washer. I have to bang on the upper right corner of the lid before the washer will start.


From what you described, its indicating the lid switch is not closing. By banging on the lid it's allowing the lid switch to close and then it starts washing.

Look at the rear center of the lid itself. There is a lid switch plunger the lid strikes and pushes in when the lid is shut. To allow the washer to start agitating.

Your Maytag washer is not designed to agitate or spin with the lid open.

Here is some possible causes:

1. A bent lid (caved in or convex).

2. Intermittent contact in lid switches.

3. Lid switch needs adjusting.

4. Worn hinge balls.

5. Loose wire connection.

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Sears Technician
June 28, 2007

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