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My Whirlpool washer will not fill when set on the cold/cold setting. How do I fix that?


The water temperature switch is likely the failure if the washer will fill with cold rinse water during the rinse fills. Manually set the timer to the rinse cycles to confirm if it will fill with cold water. If it fills with cold water, replace the water temperature switch.

To access the temperature switch, remove the screw located at the bottom front of each console end cap. Slide the console forwards and the lift it up and hinge it over the rear panel. NOTE: Disconnect the power cord before placing the console in the service position. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct with the temperature switch looked up for you. Click on "Switch, water temperature".

The water temperature selector switch is part# 660746.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 30, 2009

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