Model #KEBC277KSS05 KITCHENAID Built-In Oven, Electric

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Why won't my KitchenAid Superba oven model KEBC107KBL0 heat up?


There is a good possibility that the thermal fuse is tripped and has not reset. This oven has a thermal fuse that would interrupt the circuit through the heating elements if it trips. The image below shows the information about this resettable fuse. The wiring diagram traces the circuit through this fuse in red. The location of the fuse is on the outside back all of the oven. To access and check this fuse, you would need to shut off the breaker to the oven and pull it out of the cabinet. You may be able to use your installation guide to do this yourself. Here is a copy of your installation guide in case you need it: Installation Instructions . If you can access the fuse, you can check it with a volt/ohm meter for continuity. If you pull the wires off and check the resistance across the leads of the fuse, you should measure near zero ohms of resistance at room temperature. If you measure infinite resistance then the fuse is blown and did not reset. You will need to replace the fuse in this situation. I am showing that the part number for the fuse in this model is 4452223. You can order this part from the Sears PartsDirect website.

If the fuse continues to trip, you may have a problem with the fan motor for the controls.

If the fuse is okay, you could have a failed control board or bad elements.

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 01, 2009

Dear Lyle, I am having the same trouble with my Kitchenaid Superba Double Oven, Model # KEBC277KSS05, as indicated above. The upper convection oven, indicates "low" when set at 400 degrees but the heat never comes on. The oven was not self cleaned prior to the oven not working. The lower oven is working properly. The oven is 5 years old and had the board control replaced several years ago. Does this model also have a thermal fuse located behind the oven as detailed above? Is there a seperate fuse for each oven? Could you send me installation instructions for the Kitchenaid oven that I own? Also, when using an Ohm meter what does infinite resistence mean and how will it be displayed on the meter? Thanks, Bill

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Bill -
October 03, 2011

I am down to getting my wife to help me pull this thing out of the wall. Damn that door was heavy. Are you saying there is a back panel behind the oven that is where te thermal fuse resides?

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Toby -
April 07, 2012
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