Model #KDRP467KSS09 KITCHENAID range, electric/gas

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Question and Answers


Need to convert a KDRP467KSS09 from LP to Natural Gas.


The large orifice/holder is part number W10155786 and the small orifice/holder is 9782447. I do not see the natural gas orifices (also called spuds) available separately. Before ordering those parts, I recommend that you check the range for the original natural gas orifices. You may find them attached to the back of the range or close to the regulator. If you cannot find the original natural gas orifices, then I recommend that you contact your local gas supplier. That range should be converted by a qualified installer. Your local gas supplier will normally have a qualified installer that can drill new natural gas orifices or supply natural gas orifices. This might help you avoid ordering those parts that will likely be more expensive than just the natural gas orifices that you need. If you do order those orifice/holders, then you can remove the orifice from the replacement part and switch it out with the LP orifice for the appropriate burner. The pressure regulator will also have to be adjusted back to the natural gas configuration. The LP conversion kit instructions show how to convert that regulator.

I hope that this information helps. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
November 06, 2012

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