Model #JV50PHDTV10A VIZIO plasma television

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blue lines running up and down vizio plasma tv model #JV50PHDTV10A


What I am imagining from your description is 5 thin lines going top to bottom that are not evenly spaced apart. If these lines are what I think they are, they will affect the menu of the TV and will not move if you change the aspect ration in the TV menu. If this is true then you likely have a bad connection between the address buffers to the panel. There are three small boards that run across the bottom of TV and its the connection between the actual screen and these boards that can become open or damaged. The problem is that the connection could be damaged on the actual screen which is bonded and there is no way to repair it. If reseating the connectors does not fix the issue then you need a panel which some service providers like Sears does not sell. If you do locate one, the cost of that repair will likely be more than the TV's value.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
May 20, 2010