Model #JKP65WV1WW GE Built-In Oven, Electric with Microwave

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GE wall oven - microwave


Having this happen can be really disappointing. A suggestion I have is to visit Sears Home Services website to set service with a Sears technician. I have attached the link below. Hope this helps!

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Dezeray S -
January 11, 2011

The first image below shows a wiring diagram for this oven. The voltage supply going to the oven control board is traced in green. There is a thermal cut-out switch in that circuit (circled in red). I suspect that the thermal cut-out switch is tripped. I recommend that you reset that switch. Be sure that you shut off the circuit breaker to disconnect electrical power before accessing internal components. The second image below shows the location of that switch according to the technical information that I have. If you reset the switch and the oven control still won't power up, then you could have a wiring failure or a bad thermal switch.

You can order parts from the Sears PartsDirect website.

If you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
January 13, 2011
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