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Gas GE Range #JGBP35WEA5WW: Everything is fine except for that we can not bake with our range. Please help us diagnois & repair this problem. Thank's alot.


A non working Oven is not something any of us want to see. If you are technically handy, this is a good site to get instruction and fix some things yourself. If you do not feel confident doing your own repairs, an option is to visit Sears Home Services and use the scheduler. While you wait for the expert to review your model, you can check the bottom links for some possibilities. Hope this is of help.

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Priscilla V -
April 04, 2011

Do not put your head into the oven when watching the burners light. Open the oven door and watch from outside the oven.

Your oven has a glow bar ignitor for the bake and one for the broil burner. When you set the oven to bake or broil, the ignitor should glow bright red. After about 40 seconds the burner should light.

Set the oven to broil and see if the broil burner will light. The bake burner should light the same way the broil does.

If the bake ignitor is not glowing red (you should be able to see the glow around the oven bottom) the bake ignitor has probably failed.

If you want to repair it yourself, disconnect the power to the range and remove the 2 screws at the rear of the oven bottom and remove the oven bottom.

Remove the flame spreader that is mounted on top of the bake burner. Remove the screws holding the ignitor to the bake burner and disconnect the wires.

The part number of the bake ignitor is WB2X9154, and the price is $75.51. You can order parts for your range at Parts Direct

If you have more questions, reply on this thread and I will be glad to help.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
April 05, 2011
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