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Why won't the exhaust blower motor run on my Kenmore gas furnace?


The green light on the valve should be flashing an error code, however, it won't try to light unless the exhaust blower runs. The control board may not be sending a signal to the exhaust blower to run or the motor itself may have failed. A resistance check of the motor would be needed. First disconnect power to the furnace. To check the resistance, the black and white wires connected to the smart valve would need to be disconnected. With the wires disconnected, now check the black and white wires from the motor. Any reading would mean the motor is ok. If you don't get a reading at all, it means the motor windings are open and if you get all zeros, it means the motor is shorted. The motor will need to be replaced in either case. If the resistance is ok, then some voltages check will need to be made. Reconnect the wires and turn the power to the furnace back on. Be very careful now, since there is 120 live volts. If you don’t have much experience with electricity, I recommend having a technician check it from here. However, with the system calling for heat, first check at the control board from R to C for 24 volts. If it's there, now check from W to C. If it's there, it means the thermostat is working. Now check for 120 volts at the black and white wires on the 4 pin connector to the exhaust motor. If there is no voltage there, the control board will need to be replaced. I strongly recommend having a technician check and repair this furnace. I'm listing a site you can check to have a technician come out. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services . Furnaces can be dangerous if not properly repaired.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
February 18, 2010