Model #GSQ9631LW0 WHIRLPOOL Residential Washers

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Why is my whirlpool washer not working on the wash cycle?


I suspect what you’re talking about is the agitator auger section is not moving in the wash cycle. The auger section separates from the lower agitator section; this makes it appear like the agitator is not moving because all you can see is the top section when the washer is loaded with clothes. I recommend replacing the agitate dogs #10 in the image provided, part number 80040.

Remove the dispenser #1 & agitator cap #23, the 7/16 screw #2. Now pull the complete agitator out. You will have to pull hard to separate, use a towel to protect the surface & hold the agitator down with your feet & pull the auger section off. You will now be able to replace the agitate dogs.

If the agitator is working properly, please resubmit with more details. Is the motor not coming on, is the motor humming or clicking or is the unit dead in the wash cycle, etc.?

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
February 20, 2009

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