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Why does my Frigidaire gas oven smoke when broiling?


The troubleshooting in the owner's manual was written to generally cover many different models of ranges. Many gas ranges have a broiler drawer under the oven that uses the same bake burner for baking and broiling. Since your model of range has a waist high broiler burner in the top of the oven, the troubleshooting that you refer to in your details does not actually apply to your model since it does not have a broiler drawer.

The oven vent is fully enclosed between the opening in the top of the oven and the vent opening on the console. There is not a problem between the top of the oven cavity and the top of the cook top that could be causing the smoking out of the vent that you are describing. I do not recommend that you attempt to disassemble the range to resolve this problem.

Here are some tips that may help you resolve this problem:

  • Check the broiler flame using the procedure described in the image below. This is an excerpt from your installation guide. If the broiler flame is not adjusted properly, you could be creating soot from the burner flame.
  • Position the items that your are broiling lower so that they do not splatter grease up onto the broiler baffle.
  • Use a broiler pan that will drain grease and drippings down below the top surface.
Broiling many items will naturally produce some smoke. If you have the oven door closed when broiling then the only place that the smoke can go is up and out of the oven vent. If you partially open the oven door, some of the smoke will come out of the door opening.

Although you indicated that you do not see any residue on the broiler plate, you may have residue on the top walls of the inner oven cavity. You may need to use the self-clean feature on your range to clean the oven. Follow all of the procedures in your owner's manual to properly clean the oven using the self-clean cycle. This may clear out any undetected residue that could be causing excessive smoke during broiling.

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 24, 2009

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