Model #GLD3450RDS0 FRIGIDAIRE Dishwasher

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I have a dishwasher Model; GLD3450RDS0. The upper spray arm, part no. 154754502 is off. I pulled it off. Now I can't get it to snap back on. How do I get it on?


Remove the large nut from the upper supply tube above where the spray arm attaches first and then hold the bearing from pushing up when snapping the spray arm on and reinstall the nut/spray arm assembly. If you did not order a new upper spray arm part# 154754502 then you may need to in order to get the new style assembly with nut. If you ordered a new upper spray arm it should have come assembled with the new style nut already attached to the new spray arm which means you will need to remove the old mounting nut on the ceiling. The new spray arm and nut will need to be threaded back onto the delivery tube that is protruding into the tub. The spray arm snaps onto the white bearing that is sticking out the bottom of the new nut. The nut must be removed in order to snap the new spray arm on because you must hold the white bearing in place so that it does not move back and out of reach when pressing the arm on.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
May 27, 2010

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