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How do I remove the igniter on a Whirlpool dryer model GGQ8858HQ1?


I provided a procedure with illustrations below for accessing and replacing the igniter in your model of dryer. The components may look slightly different in your dryer, but the basic procedure will be the same. NOTE: Be sure to unplug the dryer and shut off the gas supply before accessing internal components.

Follow the steps below to raise the top of the dryer and then remove the front panel. Take out the drum. Continue to follow the steps for removing the igniter.

I am not aware of an accurate do-it-yourself manual for this model of dryer. If you need more repair help, resubmit a question and we will be glad to assist you with virtually any appliance problem.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
October 15, 2008

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