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What is the capacity of frigidaire washer fwsb34rgs0 and dryer fdeb23rgs1?


Having to know the capacity of your Washer is important. You will receive a detailed reply from an expert within 24-48 hours.

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Priscilla V -
October 02, 2011

Thanks for contacting Due to the age of the washer and dryer the capacity information is no longer available. Below I have included some information on how to calculate the capacity of both. For washer:

  1. First multiply the diameter (width) of the tub by 3.14 (pi).
  2. Second multiply the answer by the depth of the tub. This gives you the volume of the washer tub in cubic feet.

For dryer:

  1. First measure the diameter of the drum in feet. Then divide the measurement in half to calculate the radius of the cylinder
  2. Second measure the height of the drum in feet.
  3. Third calculate the volume of the drum by squaring the radius. Multiply it by pi (3.14). Multiply that number by the height of the drum. This number is the capacity of your dryer in cubic feet.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for using

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Jonathan B -
Sears Technician
October 03, 2011
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