Model #FRT18KC3BW4 FRIGIDAIRE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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Frig not cooling, freezer is fine.


I think we all would get a little frustrated when an appliance full of food starts acting up on us. I'm sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Frigidaire refrigerator. I did some research at Managemylife website and found an expert answer to a similar question that may help until your expert can respond. I have attached the link below so you can check it out. If you are thinking about scheduling service and have a qualified technician assist you, I have also attached the link to SearsHomeServices. I hope the links below will help you out.

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James -
May 23, 2012

Thank you for asking this question. On the Frigidaire model FRT18KC3BW, the refrigerator section is cooled by allowing in varying amounts of cold air from the freezer section. The damper setting is the control that opens the vent up so varying amounts of air can be pulled through.

First I would check the panel vents that are located on the top center of the freezer rear panel to see if there is an ice restriction that stops the air from being pulled into the refrigerator section. If so, remove all of the ice that you can see. Even if it looks free of ice , the ice may be stuck in the opening in between the sections where you can't see it.

Once all ice has been removed, try opening the refrigerator door with the freezer door closed. Within two minutes, the compressor and the fan should come on. There should be cold air entering the refrigerator section at the top where the vents are. If there is no air flow from the freezer to the fresh food section, then consider defrosting the freezer section. This will require you to find a place to store any food items you have. Then unplug the unit for 24 hours leaving the doors open.

If the airflow seems to be ok, close the door, and give the refrigerator several hours to see if it has cooled down. If not, then there may be a control problem with the cold control. This will require making electrical checks of the cold control.

If you are comfortable making voltage checks, I can tell you specifically what to check for on this model using a mulitmeter. Otherwise, you can schedule service through this link: : Sears Home Services .

Please, if you have any concerns or needs some additional assistance reply to this thread.

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Bill__W -
Sears Technician
May 24, 2012
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