Model #FP1413SL01 MAGNAVOX Turntable

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Turntable dosen't turn when I move the arm to play an album FP1413SL01 Magnavox Turntable


Thank you for choosing sears I would happy to help you with your turntable. Upon researching model FP1413SL01; make sure that the belt that drives your turn table's plate is attached properly. The "plate" is the flat surface of the turn table that spins in a circle where you put the record. The belt is underneath the plate attached to a mechanism. If the belt is loose, or has come unattached, the plate will not spin and the record will not play. Tighten or reinstall the belt to the plate.


I trust that this information will help you, thank you have a great day.


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Jeff Wallace Jr -
Sears Technician
October 21, 2014