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Why is the "Lock" light blinking on my range?


The "Lock" light will flash until the door locks (or unlocks) when the self clean cycle is used and the "Lock" light will glow constantly after the door locks. The "Lock" light will also blink if the door is left open or if the door switch plunger is not pushed in far enough.

Try programing a clean cycle: Set the Temperature control knob to CLEAN and press START. You may want to push inwards on the door to confirm the door light plunger switch is being pushed in enough or the "LOCK" light will flash. Let the unit sit for 1 minute and then turn the Temperature knob to OFF. The door may open.

With this said the likely failure is that the lock motor (key#89) quit operating in the middle of locking the door or one of the switches has failed on the door lock/latch motor. The failure could also be the lock motor relay on the control board too. This type of failure will require testing the lock motor and switches.

The lock motor (key#89) can be access by removing the rear panel. There is a metal rod (key#88) that connects the lock motor to the door latch (key#18). If you remove the rod from the lock motor and then push or pull the rod the door latch will unlock the door. (See image below) NOTE: Disconnect the power supply to the range before removing the rear panel.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your range.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 19, 2009

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