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Frigidaire dryer model # FEFB9200ES0 No heat


When it comes to the Frigidaire dryer not heating after the heating element has been replaced, there are other components to check into, just check out the link provided below on a similar question. Hope this is helpful while waiting for model number specific information.

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Anna T -
April 10, 2013

Thank you for submitting your question. I understand your concern and I will be happy to assist you. The element isn't the first thing to go out when the dryer stops headting. Due to the ventilation back up you may have blown the thermal limiter (134120900) or thermistor (134587700) for the dryer. These two parts also aide your dryer in heating. You also have a thermostat (3204267) but I don't believe this is your problem. I always recommend testing parts with an ohms/volt meter to verify the part. To access and test the thermal limiter follow these instructions:

  1. First remove power from the dryer.
  2. To access the thermal limiter you will need the lift the top of the dryer.
  3. Locate the gap in the front of the dryer between the top panel and the front panel.
  4. Use a flat tool like a putty knife to slide in the crack about 2 ½ inches in from each side of the cabinet. Push in and lift up on the top, like the hood on a car and lay back against the wall.
  5. To locate the thermal limiter, look on the right hand back corner, on the inside back wall just to the left of where the power cord attaches to the terminal block. It is only about a nickel size, and has two wires attached.
  6. If you have a Volt/Ohm meter set it to the Ohm scale to check across the two terminals for continuity.
  7. Remove one of the wires before you do the check. If the meter shows no continuity it is bad. If you get a reading across the terminals the limiter is good and you have another problem.

You can access the thermistor by removing the lower access panel for the dryer (image below). It is not necessary to raise the dryer as shown. The thermistor is on the outside of the blower wheel housing. At room temperature the thermistor should ohm approximately 50k (50,000) ohms. If both the thermal limiter and themistor test good, then test the thermostat for continuity. You'll want to get a reading of zero ohms. You can order parts from our Sears Parts Direct web site. I hope this helps. Please reply back to this thread if you require further assistance. Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Tykara -
Sears Technician
April 12, 2013
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