Model #EV187NYRV00 WHIRLPOOL Upright Freezer

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Freezer fan EV187NYRV00 Whirlpool Upright freezer


Based your symptom and details, the defrost heater may be burned out. You will have to remove the evaporator cover from inside the freezer and visually inspect the glass tube defrost heater. If it's black or darkened, the heating element has likely burnt out.  If the unit is short on refrigerent, the evaporator coil can ice up near the evaporator fan and jam the fan blade and prevent the fan motor from running.  Also, the freezer must go into a defrost cycle every 8-12 hours to defrost the ice on the evaporator coil. If the heater appears ok, and the fan will operate once the ice is thawed out, then I would replace the defrost timer. After removing the evaporator panel to access the evaporator coils, you locate the defrost timer and manually advance the defrost timer into a defrost cycle. You should see the glass tube heating element glow red if the defrost heater is good. The defrost timer could be mounted behind the front lower grill or at the back of the freezer. The defrost timer has a slotted stem to rotate clockwise. Rotate the slotted stem one click at a time slowly until you hear the fan and compressor turn off. Wait and watch for the red glow of the defrost heater. If it glows, I recommend replacing the defrost timer. If it does not glow, it could have broken/burnt out filament in the glass tube heater. If the freezer fan has voltage and not running, replace the evaporator fan motor. Also, you need to check and make sure the melted ice will drain into the defrost drain pan. If the defrost drain hole located under the evaporator coils is stopped up, the melted ice and water will freeze causing water to run on the bottom of the freezer floor. I hope this helpful. 

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 10, 2014