Model #ET8CHKXKQ02 WHIRLPOOL top-mount refrigerator

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Which terminals will the Red and the White wires connect on the new starting device for the refrigerator compressor?


I added an image of the Start Device and there is no terminal labeled "T", only "L" and "N". "L" is for line and "N" is for neutral. The White wire is generally the Neutral line and Red would be "L" or line voltage.

The L & N connection is a "plug" connection. The plug is "keyed", and only goes on in one direction. The other two terminals are for the capacitor.

I hope this clarifies the terminal markings on the Start Device so that you can get it connected.

I recommend calling a service technician if you starting device is different from the image I added.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 15, 2008

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