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I have an 80 gallon water heater. The upper heating element is bad. Can i order a part from you folks. its an A.O. SMITH ENERGY SAVER. MODEL# EEH 80 917 .? EEH 80 917


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I was not able to verify the model provided as being one that we carry parts for or one that is valid. The closest resembling model we have listed that matches with what you've provided is EES80T917. 
Based upon the model I was able to identify, the heating element is being offered as key number 5 on the parts list for the upper element, with the exception of 5D, which is for the lower element. There are differences in the elements based on length and wattage. You may have to pull the upper element and measure the length and see if there is a wattage provided for it. Key number 5 on the diagram is for an 8", 1000w element. 5A is 11" and 1500W, 5B is 11 1/2" and 2000W, and 5C is 11 1/2" and 2500W. 5D is the lower element. 
I would first ask that you verify the model to see if it matches with what I've found, if so, then you can refer to the blue link below to view the parts breakdown for this model and order the correct spec of element. 

Parts Breakdown for Model EES80T917

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
April 24, 2014