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Why is my GE dryer model DPSF495EW0WW not drying as quick as it used to?


Your dryer does have two heating coils located behind the drum. Both heating element coils must be working in order to heat properly. First, make sure the washer is spinning the water out properly or the dryer will take longer to dry. Secondly, check the exhaust temperature blowing out from the rear of the dryer. Temporarily disconnect the vent hose and check the operating exhaust temperature when set on high heat. With an empty drum, start the dryer and monitor the exhaust temperature using a thermometer. The operating temperature should average around 150 degrees on high heat. If the exhaust temperature blowing out of the exhaust is averaging 150 degrees try drying a load with the vent hose disconnected. If it dries normally, that would verify a restricted venting system and it will need to inspected and cleaned of any lint or restrictions.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 22, 2009