Model #DG7600 MAYTAG Residential Dryer

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Why is my dryer taking forever drying the clothes?


Something like this is usually caused by poor airflow. If the venting is poor the gas flame will be lazy & this will cause the unit to trip the safety hi-limit thermostat. Open the little inspection door on the front panel, start the dryer & inspect the flame. The flame should not be reaching the top of the burner tube assembly where the thermostat is mounted. Now, stop the dryer & pull it out far enough to remove the vent hose. Test the dryer in the same way to see if you notice the flame looks different. When the vent hose is clear or off the gas flame will be sucked back into the burner housing like it should & will not be able to trip the hi-limit. Other possibilities; operating or hi-limit thermostat, gas valve or wiring problems.

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