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Shwank Perfection Furnace


When an appliance or tool is broken, the Managemylife web site is a good resource to find out what could be happening and what options are available. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties your having with your Shwank Perfection Furnace. I did some research for you at and found an expert answer to a similar question that I hope will help until your expert can answer your specific question. I attached the link below.

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James -
September 07, 2011

Thank you for your question. I can understand your concern. The information you have received from James is very good. Even though it's on a different type of furnace the reasons listed, can also apply to this furnace. If you notice that the pilot flame is engulfing the thermocouple and not just barely touching it, the most likely reasons for pilot outage, will be, either the thermocouple again or the gas valve itself. Unfortunately, I cannot access any information on the CV750N furnace, so there is no way to determine, if parts from another furnace will work, without actually being able to see the parts. I would strongly recommend having a technician check this. I'm listing a site you can access, to have a tech come out. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services . I hope this helps you. If you would like more assistance, reply to this thread and I will be glad to assist you further.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
September 09, 2011
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