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Question and Answers


maytag oven won't heat


You could have a bad temperature sensor or a failed bake element that could be causing this problem. Both of those components cost about $50. You can unplug the range and check that bake element (and the broil element) for any apparent visible damage. If an element needs to be replaced, you can order a new one from the Sears PartsDirect website. Unplug the range before accessing and replacing an element or any other internal component.

If you see no apparent damage to the oven elements, you can test them with a volt/ohm meter as show in this repair video: Oven Element Testing . Unplug the range and access the bake element as shown in this repair video: Replacing the Bake Element . You can remove the broil element in a similar manner (with the range still unplugged ).

If the elements are okay, you can try replacing the oven temperature sensor probe. The image below shows how to access that part (with the range unplugged ).

These tips may help you if you decide to repair the range. You may consider having a service technician repair the range but that repair would likely cost over $200 for parts and labor. Here is a link for the Sears Service website in case you need it: Sears Home Services .

Unless you can find the cause of this problem and safely repair the range yourself, I recommend that you replace it based on the age of the unit. You can view new models of ranges on the website.

If you need more help, let us know.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
November 09, 2011