Model #CHW9900WQ0 WHIRLPOOL Commercial Washers

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Error Codes

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How do you clear a error code? CHW9900WQ0 Whirlpool Commercial automatic washer


Thank you for choosing and being a valued member.  I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when your washer displays and error code.

The F21 code means long drain. The drain time exceeds 8 minutes without reaching reset level in pressure switch. 

Possible Causes

– Damaged or blocked pump.

– Drain hose blocked or exceeds recommended height.

– Poor connection betweenCCU(DP2) and drain pump.


1.Clear error code.

2.Unplugwasher or disconnect power.

3.Make sure the drain hose is not sealed in the standpipe.

4. Ensure the drain height is notmore than 8 ft above the base of thewasher.

5.Check the drain hose andmake sure it is not plugged or kinked.

6.Check the drain pump forforeign objects.

7.Check the electrical connection between the pump and the CCU(DP2).

8.Check the pump using a diagnostic mode. If all the above are OK and pump is powered but does not pump water or water flow is poor,replace the pump. 

Press and hold mode select until display flashes. This will erase the error code. 

You can also visit for parts, diagrams, and repair information.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

Thank you for your question. Have a great day. 


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Natasha12 -
Sears Technician
October 27, 2014

message f20 CHW9900WQ0 Whirlpool Commercial automatic washer


Thank you for choosing That is a wonderful question. I know seeing this code can be annoying. For your washer model number CHW9900WQ0, error code F20, means no water is being detected entering the washer. There are a few possible causes. No water to washer, the water valve is defective, the hoses are plugged or kinked, the pressure switch or pressure hoses are damaged, or kinked.
This will help you determine what needs to be replaced:

1. Clear error code
2. Unplug washer or disconnect the power.
3. Check incoming water pressure at faucet.
4. Check inlet hoses for possible leaks
5. Ensure pressure switch hose is in good condition and properly connect to tub and pressure switch.
6. Check that there is not a drain siphon problem.
7. Check inlet valves by running a dianostics test.
8. Check that the pump is not running while the washer is filling.
9. Verify pressure switch operation by accessing Help Mode while running a paid cycle.

I hope this helps you. Have a great day!

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Samantha A -
Sears Technician
January 14, 2014

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