Model #CGS3760ADC MAGIC CHEF slide-in range, gas

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Question and Answers


What would prevent my bake burner from working if the broiler and surface burners work?


The bake burner and broil burner each has its own glow bar igniter. The bake and broil igniters are both the same type and can be interchanged. You could remove the broil ignitor and swap it with the bake ignitor and then the bake burner will likely work. The bake burner ignitor must glow red hot and pull enough current in order for the bake valve to open. If the bake ignitor is broken or weak, the oven gas valve will not open. You did not indicate if the bake ignitor is glowing or not. If it glows and the bake valve never opens, replace the bake ignitor. If the bake ignitor is not glowing, the voltage supply to the bake ignitor will need to be checked at the bake ignitor connections. I added information and instructions how to access the bake ignitor in the image below. The bake and broil ignitor is part #74007498. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct with the ignitor looked up for you. Click on "Ignitor" to open link.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 01, 2009

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