Model #919184260 CRAFTSMAN Air compressor

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pulley alignment issue 919184260 Craftsman Air compressor


Thank You for choosing Sears I regret to hear that you are having issues with your compressor 
and do understand your frustration. Glad to help out. Im looking at your model number 919184260 and from what you are describing it seems like the pulley itself may need to be replaced. It is possible with the heat the pulley gets may cause for it to become loose with time. Since you have already replaced the square key and the set screw the only other item damaged is the pulley or maybe the shaft. Inspect the pulley for any imperfections. It will be a good idea to replace the square key if the pulley is replaced.  If you have further questions please let me know. Thank you for choosing Sears
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Sherman_G_Wallace -
Sears Technician
January 13, 2014

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