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Pressure will not shut off. 919167200 Craftsman Air compressor


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I am sorry to hear of the issue you're having with the air compressor. I know how frustrating that is.

If you're compressor is leaking air rapidly, the pump will continue to run to reach the cut-out pressure. That very well could be what's happening here. Check the intake filter to see if air is leaking there. If so, you could have a damaged valve plate reeds under the head. You could have air leaking from any of the hose connections which will need to be tightened. So you will need to determine where the air leak is emanating from. 

Once you have rooted the air leak and the pressure switch continues to allow the pump to reach above cut-out pressure to where the safety valve kicks in, then you will likely have a pressure switch issue and it will need replacement. 

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
May 11, 2015

What is the recommended PSI for pressure wash air gun part # 875.199580? 919167200 Craftsman Air compressor


Thank you for choosing I will be more than happy to assist you. I can understand any frustration you may have experienced with regards to your unit. Let’s see what we can do for you.

I’m showing with this tool there is a maximum of 90 psi. Anything under 80 psi you won’t get proper performance. Anything over 90 psi could result in damages to the air tool and operator.

Hope this information has helped you. Again, thank you for choosing


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JeffwallaceIII -
Sears Technician
April 20, 2015

my compressor start&runs for about 5mins then shoutsoff . Craftsman Air compressor


Thank you for choosing Sears Parts Direct. I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when your air compressor is not working properly. I did look into the model number you have provided and I have found information to assist you. There could be several things that could cause the motor to cut off on your air compressor.
If you are using an extension cord, move the compressor and connect it directly to a wall outlet. Low voltage from an extension cord that is not heavy enough will cause the motor to overheat and turn off.

The pressure switch might have failed and is turning off too soon.

Or internal damage inside the compressor can cause it to turn off. 

Click here to view information on how to test your pressure switch.

Click here for the pressure switch. 

Let me know if this helps.

You can also visit for parts, diagrams, and repair information.
If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

Thank you for your question. Have a great day. 

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Natasha12 -
Sears Technician
May 27, 2014

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