Model #917389382 CRAFTSMAN Walk Behind Lawnmower, Gas

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Why does my Craftsman lawn mower start when I pull the starter rope then die?


The engine starts, so that means it will run when it gets fuel. When it has to pull the fuel through the carburetor it can't so it dies.

Following is a list of possible causes:

1. Old fuel or water in the fuel

2. Dirty or fouled air cleaner or fuel filter

3. Carburetor fuel or air passages stopped up (can be cleaned or replaced)

I recommend starting with the fuel and air filters

To get the best service and longest life from your mower you should do the following:

At the beginning of each mowing season you should replace the spark plug, change the oil, fill with fresh fuel, clean or replace the air cleaner and the fuel filter and sharpen or replace the blade(s)

At the end of the season you should drain the fuel or run the engine until it runs out of fuel. Then remove the spark plug and pour 1/4 cup of clean oil into the cylinder and reinstall the spark plug.

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Sears Technician
May 18, 2007

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