Model #917376402 Craftsman walk behind lawnmower, gas

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I have the belt on my walk behind lawnmower that keeps coming off...the mower is less than a year old


Check the drive belt. If you used the mower often and the drive belt is worn out, then it will need to be replaced. This is not likely the problem unless the mower was used very frequently on a large lawn. If the belt is worn out, I recommend replacing it using the procedure described in your owner's manual. Here is a link for your owner's manual in case you need it: Owner's Manual .

Since the belt keeps coming off and the mower is less than a year old, you likely have a problem with the belt keeper on the drive system (if the belt is not worn out). I recommend that you carry the mower into a Sears Service Center for a repair on this system. The belt keeper will likely need to be replaced with a revised part (430458X004). The revised belt keeper should keep the belt from slipping off of the front pulley. This type of repair should normally be covered by the warranty.

If your belt does not have wear to the point where it needs to be replaced, you may be able to fix this problem with your mower quicker by ordering the revised belt keeper (part 430458X004) from the Sears PartsDirect website and replacing it yourself. The part only costs about $2.49 (not including tax, shipping and handling). Replacing it yourself could save you from having the mower in the shop for a while. I do not know the turnaround time for a mower repair at your local Sears Service Center. Replacing the belt keeper as shown in your owner's manual (page 16) should keep the belt from coming off. Even though it may cost you some money out of your own pocket for a repair that is normally covered by the warranty, this approach may be more convenient for you.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
June 02, 2010