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Electrical current for the 917-276361 917276310 Craftsman Garden tractor


Thank you for your inquiry on your Craftsman Tractor, Model: 917.276310. From reviewing the detail on your model, first, make sure the engagement lever is down and the brake pedal is fully depressed or the tractor will not attempt to turn over. If you have already done this, I recommend checking the fuse. The fuse is located behind the dash. If the fuse is good, you have a wiring or switch problem. The easiest way to pin point the problem is with a volt meter. If you do not have a meter, you can purchase one relatively cheap.

Turn the meter to check dc volts, and then hold the black lead to the black negative battery terminal for all of the voltage checks. Place the red lead on the positive terminal of the battery. The reading should be 12 volts. If you have a 12 volt reading, move the red lead to the first blue dot in the image. Your reading should be 12 volts. If you have 12 volts, have someone sit on the tractor and hold the brake pedal while turning the key for the rest of the checks. While they have the key turned to the start position, move the red lead to the next blue dot. The reading should always be 12 volts. Then move to the next blue dot. If you lose the 12 volts, the problem is between the last blue dot you had the voltage and where you lost the voltage. If you have 12 volts all the way to the white wire on the solenoid, the solenoid or the starter is defective.

To determine starter or solenoid short the two large posts on the solenoid together with a screwdriver. There should be a spark it is normal. Once shorted the starter should run. 

Safety Warning: Before beginning the repair, disconnect the direct power supply to the tractor to prevent the risk of injury or any electrical shock.

If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in this repair, then you can have it repaired at home by a sears technician. I have the included a link to the website: Sears Home Services or call 1-800-469-4663.


I hope this answered your question. Thank you for contacting, and have yourself a wonderful day. 

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Gerry 93 -
Sears Technician
June 17, 2015

Starter or Solenoid? 917276361 Craftsman Garden tractor


Hello, glad to help.  Thank You for choosing Sears
I am sorry and do understand your frustration when the lawnmower doesn't start.
Glad to help out.   Im  looking at your Craftsman tractor model number 917.276361.

Make sure you have cleaned the cables off with a wire brush.   Even if they look clean.

I see you are looking on how to test the soenoid.   I will be glad to help with that.

1.  If the starter does not spin when your turn the ignition key.  It is the time to check the solenoid.

2.  The solenoid is usually a small black box directly connected to the battery by the red (positive) wire.

3.  You will find 2 large posts on the solenoid.  Take a look at the post where the red wire connect too and a wire on the other post.   The two posts will be directly in line.

4.  Bridge the gap between the two post with your insulated screwdriver.  If the starter spins when you make contact, the solenoid is bad:  Now if the starter does not spin then the starter is bad.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I hope we can help you with your future questions and repairs.  Thank you for choosing Sears and using our

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Larry L -
Sears Technician
July 16, 2014

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