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Heavy oil Leak from my lawn tractor


To find where the oil is leaking from, can take some detective work. In researching on I have provided some links on leaking engines on Craftsman tractors that may be useful. An expert will answer your question shortly.

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Anna T -
April 18, 2012

Thank you for your question.

I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. If oil is pooling on the top of the engine pulley the problem could be a defective crankshaft seal. To verify the problem clean the underside of the engine with brake cleaner. Just some cardboard down so the oil does not stain the driveway. Once the engine is clean and dry, refill the engine with oil and start it up. Then let the engine run for five to ten minutes to warm up. Next turn the engine off and watch the under side. You should be able to tell where the oil is coming from. The normal areas are the crankshaft seal, Oil pump cover if it has one, or the sump gasket. Once you determine where it is leaking, you can order the parts from the following link.

If the seal around the shaft is leaking, you will need to remove the pulley. Then carefully remove the old seal with a small screwdriver. Just be careful because if you nick the shaft the new seal might not seal. Once you have the old seal removed wipe the area down and slide the new seal up the shaft. Then use a hammer and a small block of wood to pat the seal in.

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