Model #917272072 CRAFTSMAN Lawn, Tractor

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What causes my LT1000 tractor to jump out of gear?


The best place to start is the linkage that shifts the gears. I am sending you an image to make this clearer. Remove the nut holding item 84 to item 80 and disconnect the linkage. Shift the transaxle into gear by moving item 80 with your hand. If the transaxle still jumps out of gear the problem is internal in the transaxle.

If the transaxle does not jump out of gear when you shift with your hand the problem is in the linkage between the gearshift and the transaxle. Check for wear on the journals of item 84. Check the tightness of all bolts and nuts in the shift linkage. Be sure the bolt number 13 that holds 80 to the transaxle is tight and there is no looseness between item 80 and the transaxle.

This transaxle is meant to be shifted after stopping, not while moving. If the previous owner shifted while the tractor was moving, some of the gears might be rounded off.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
October 01, 2008

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