Model #917272057 CRAFTSMAN lawn, tractor

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My lawn tractor steering wheel won't stay tightened. It is a model 917272057. The steering wheel won't tighten up. How do I fix it?


It sounds like the steering wheel adapter might have been left off when the steering wheel was installed originally.

Go to and enter the model of the tractor. Select the "steering" page and look at the parts diagram. Item 41 is the steering wheel adapter.

The owners manual instructs you to remove the steering wheel adapter from the steering wheel and place it on the steering shaft. If this is not done properly, the bolt that holds the steering wheel on will not tighten properly, and it will work loose.

If you continue to have problems, replace the steering wheel bolt (item 63), steering shaft extension (item 44), steering wheel adapter (item 41), flat washer (item 39), and the lock washer (item 11).

You need to do this on both tractors.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 21, 2009

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