Model #917270732 CRAFTSMAN Lawn, Tractor

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Lawn tractor starter motor 917.270732


my mower will not go in to gear. fowarded or reverse 917270732 Craftsman 42


Thank You for choosing Sears and being a valued member. It is unfortunate to hear that you are having issues with your lawn tractor and I do understand your frustration. Glad to help out. I'm looking at your model number 917270732 and check the brake lever on the transaxle. If it has been sitting for a long period of time it might be stuck on. The lever is located on the right side of the tractor inside of the frame. I recommend working the lever back and forth to make sure it is moving freely. When you are looking under the tractor, have someone move the shifter. When the shifter is moved, you should see the shifter on the transaxle move. If the shifter is properly attached, have someone start the tractor and let out on the brake. Now carefully look under the tractor at the Trans axle drive pulley. The drive pulley should be spinning. If the pulley is spinning, the problem is most likely a defective transaxle. I will assume the transaxle is working in forward, if that is true this is the only thing you can try. When you shift into reverse the shift lever moves some linkage and consequently moves an arm on the transaxle. This arm is attached to a shaft that goes inside the transaxle. The arm has a set screw on it that attaches it tightly to the shaft, and sometimes the set screw will get loose and allow play in the arm. Get someone to move the gear shift while you look underneath the tractor and locate the arm on the side of the transaxle. Tighten the set screw and see if that helps, if it doesn't you will have to replace the transaxle. Don't run the engine while you are doing this test. I trust this information will help you.


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Sherman_G_Wallace -
Sears Technician
November 12, 2014

mower deck will not engage 917270732 Craftsman 42" lawn tractor


Thanks for the inquiry and for using
 I assume the engine will continue to run when you attempt to engage the deck. If the engine continues to run, this issue could be caused a by a few different things. The most common would be a stretched deck belt, or improper routing of the belt if it's been recently replaced. 
If the belt is fine, have someone move the lever while you watch the idler arm on the deck. If it is not moving, the pivot is likely rusted. To fix this loosen the pivot bolt and soak the pivot with WD-40. Then work it back and forth until it is loose. Once free, tighten the bolt and check the operation.
If the idler arm appears to be fine, you will want to check the clutch cable and make sure it is connected. Sometimes they can stretch or break, but it will be apparent upon a good visual inspection. 
Hope these suggestions help and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 


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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
August 06, 2014

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