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Brake/Clutch Safety Switch 917258682 Craftsman Tractors


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I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. I will be happy to assist you. The seat switch on your tractor shorts the ignition circuit to ground. When you sit on the seat, it opens the part to ground. If you try to jump the seat switch, the engine will die when you release the clutch. The connector going to the seat has a wire that will short the wires if it is not connected all the way. So disconnecting the connector will also cause the engine to stall when you release the clutch. If you have a volt ohmmeter, you can ohm the seat switch. With the button pushed, you should show ol or open. If it does not show open, the switch is bad. If the switch is fine, look in the connector for debris. If it is packed, you can blow the debris out with compressed air. Then check the connector. Plug the leads into the back of the connector. Then push the plunger between the two terminals. The reading should go from 0 to ol or open. If it shows 0 all the time, the connector is shorted and needs to be replaced. This type of problem is usually in the seat switch or connector.


The parts for the tractor can be ordered from the following link. Replacement parts for a Craftsman tractor model 917258682.


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Mark T -
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October 08, 2013