Model #9117388810 Kenmore range (gas)

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Question and Answers


Model no. 9117388810 Lady Kenmore Gas Stove giving error message F6. I found out that it means "time keeper circuit fail" and ERC...


Try unplugging the range to completely disconnect electrical power for 3 minutes. Plug the range back in and see if that code clears. If it does, this tactic may have fixed your problem.

That F6 code does indicate that you will need to replace that ERC (Electronic Range Control board) in the console. The part number for that component is 338692. You can order it from the Sears PartsDirect website.

I recommend that you have a service technician replace that component in this range. Here is a link for the Sears Service website: Sears Home Services .

If you want to install that part yourself, you can unplug the range and open that console. It appears that you need to remove the top panel on the console and then remove screws on the bottom corners of that console to release it and access that control board. If you need more help with this repair, reply with additional details.

NOTE: The control board on this range is expensive (around $350). You may consider replacing this range instead of repairing it. You can view new models of ranges on the website.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 11, 2011

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