Model #91148389890 Kenmore built-in oven, electric

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How do I install a control panel assembly on a Kenmore built-in double oven model 91148389890?


The parts diagram for your oven control panel is shown in the image below. Shut off the breaker to completely disconnect electrical power. Pull the lower oven control knob (Key 88) off of the thermostat stem. Remove the screw(s) (Key 797) that hold the lower oven thermostat (Key 5) in place. Open the oven door and remove the three screws (Key 875) that secure the bottom of the control panel. Release the console and fold it forward. Unplug the control console key tail ribbon connector from the electronic oven control board (Key 16). Remove the screws (Key 847) that hold the electronic oven control board in place. Remove the lower oven indicator light (Key 33). You should now be able to remove the old control panel and install the new control panel. Reverse the order of disassembly to install the new control panel.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
June 05, 2009

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