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how do I open unit to chek/repair/replace igniters? Why would three of them not turn off an later not turn on with unit? 9113378897 Kenmore Gas counter unit


All four surface burner valves has an igniter switch mounted on top of the valve. When any one valve is turned on, all four electrodes should begin sparking to ground. If moisture (water) was spilled on the cooktop and the water migrated into any one switch, it would cause the ignition system to power up and begin sparking. If one of the switches sitting on top of any of the valves is not sitting stationary, it would cause the ignition system to begin sparking between the electrode and the grounded burner base. I would begin by checking the 4 igniter switches and make sure each one sits stationary when the knob is rotated to the lite position.

In order to access the igniter switches, transformer and spark module, you will have to remove all 4 burner bowls and knobs to remove the glass top. Unplug the cooktop and shut off the gas before removing the glass top.

You can view the parts diagram of your cooktop at Sears PartsDirect.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 31, 2014