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Ryobi 890r


Thank you for your question on the replacement of the starter rope.

First remove the retainer screw that holds the boom to the motor assembly.

Then remove the spark plug and use either some of start rope or piece of rope into the cylinder to hold the piston from turning when you remove the clutch drum from the engine. Make sure you leave some rope hanging out of the spark plug hole so you can remove it when you are done.

Use a # T25 Torx driver turn counterclockwise to remove the screw down the center shaft of the clutch drum.

There will be one small spacer washer behind the clutch drum and the clutch.

Remove the clutch drum. Then with a large flat bladed screw driver and a hammer unscrew the clutch by placing the screw driver blade on the inside wing of the clutch by the middle letter in the OFF on the clutch and with a sharp rap with a hammer on the end of the screw driver on the clutch the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) to spin off the clutch. There will be a large washer behind the clutch after you have spun it off the crankshaft. The key is the rope in the cylinder hold the crankshaft from turning.

Then you will need to remove the screws that hold the start housing to the motor chassis.

Once you have this removed the starter housing you will remove the screws that hold the starter cover retainers over the rope pulley on the inside of the starter housing.

Then remove the starter old starter rope from the pulley. Then recoil spring will be relaxed at this point when the rope broke.

Unless the tension recoil spring is broken you will not need to remove the rope pulley.

While holding down on the rope pulley so it doesn't come out of the housing, wind tension on the spring buy rotating the pulley 6 to 7 full turns. Make sure you continue to hold the pulley tension on the pulley while you thread the rope into the housing and it through the start rope pulley hole and tie a knot in the rope.

Slowly allow the rope to be retracted onto the pulley.

Replace the pulley rope retainers onto the pulley.

Re-assemble in the reverse order.

Please let me know how it went. You may find a video on Google that will help you. Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
August 15, 2012