Model #867762620 KENMORE Furnace/Heater, Gas

  • Return Air Cabinet
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  • Cabinet/762630
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  • Heat Exchanger
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  • Gas Burners And Manifold/762620
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  • Blower Assembly
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  • Blower Assembly/762680
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  • Damper Complete
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Question and Answers


Why do I have to turn the thermostat off then back on for the furnace to restart?


It appears the thermostat is not working properly. I would need the model number of this thermostat to be able to check the functions and details of it. Most of these thermostats will not show "AC" which indicates it's in the cooling mode. If you're getting 28 vac across the red and white wires it means it's not calling for heat. I recommend having a technician check and repair this.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician