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Can't relight pilot 86776172 Kenmore Sears gas-fired sectional furnaces


Thanks for the inquiry and for being a valued member.

I am sorry to hear of the issue you're having lighting the pilot on this furnace. I know how frustrating that is to have happen.

This could be caused by a defective thermocouple (part # H06E-036), or even a clogged orifice. Normally the orifice can be cleaned and does not need to be replaced. In most cases it can be blown out but in some cases, it may need high pressure compressed air. 

This can also be caused by low gas pressure (make sure the gas supply valve is opened all the way) a defective gas control valve or a ventilation problem. 

For convenience, I have linked the site below so that you may view the schematics and parts available for the unit.

Parts List and Diagrams for Model 86776172

If you would feel more confident have a Sears Home Service technician help assist with the diagnosis/repair, you can call 1-800-469-4663, or click here to be directed to the page to set up service.

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 


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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
October 21, 2014