Model #8504428390 KENMORE Range Microwave Combo, Electric

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How do we replace the battery under our microwave?


The power outage probably did not affect the backup battery, it sounds like it damaged the display board. Replacing the backup battery will probably not improve your display problem. You will likely need to replace the main circuit board. This part number is 12281R. A service technician will be needed to verify this failure and complete this replacement.

The battery replacement is complicated. You would also need a service technician to complete this task. The battery replacement involves removing the microwave chassis from the cabinet. The control panel of the microwave also needs to be removed. Even when power is completely disconnected, exposed capacitors inside the microwave cabinet are still holding a charge (up to 50,000 volts). It is dangerous to complete this battery replacement without proper tools and technical knowledge. I recommend having a service technician diagnose your display problem before replacing the backup battery.

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expert -
Sears Technician
July 25, 2007